Willemsen Music Studio

Willemsen Muziek Studio is a production/mix room in the Electric Monkey building.

The room is mainly meant for production, recording overdubs and mixing, but is also suited for recording small ensembles.

I have eight channels of high-end preamps (Retro, Great River, Chandler, A-designs…) and a varied collection of microphones (Wunder, Neumann, Rca, Beyerdynamic, Ev, Sennheiser…). Also some nice outboard, like a Retro Sta-Level, adr compex, Chandler tonecontrol, Thermionic Culture Vulture and Swift. Additionally I have a large collection of guitars and amps, effects, a Hammond M3 with Leslie 147, a piano and a few classic mono-synths, like a mini-moog and an arp odyssey.

 Studio 2

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