Artiest Titel Jaar Label Credits
Supersub Mighty Baby 2002 Excelsior Recordings Mus
Amigos Electricos  Amigos Electricos 2004 unreleased Com/Mus/Prod
Variomatic  Variomatic 2005 unreleased Com/Mus/Prod
Lefties Soul Connection Hutspot 2006 Exclesior Recordings Com/Mus
Lefties Soul Connection Skimming the skum 2007 Excelsior Recordings Com/Mus
Lefties Soul Connection One Punch Pete 2011 Top Notch Com/Mus
Roemer van der Steeg Nu het zo is 2008   Prod
Roemer van der Steeg Ik ben geen kernfysicus 2009   Prod/Mus
Shane Shu Shane Shu 2008 V2 Com/Mus/Prod
Shane Shu Let’s Burn this Town 2011 V2 Com/Mus/Prod
Steye I’m just here to make you feel warm 2008 Dox Records       Mus
Zuco 103 After the Carnaval 2008 Dox Records Mus
Beans & Fatback Fingerlicking good 2009 Excelsior Recordings Com/Mus
Beans & Fatback With skin attached 2013 Excelsior Recordings Com/Mus/Prod
Beans & Fatback Heroine lovestruck 2015 Excelsior Recordings Com/Mus/Prod
Stan Diego the incredible comeback of 2009 V2 Prod/Mus/Mix
Ruben Hein Loose Fit 2010 Blue Note Com/Mus
Ruben Hein Hopscotch 2013 Blue Note Com/Mus/Prod
Ruben Hein Dressed up ep 2014 Emi com/prod
Kris Berry ep 2011   Com/Mus/Prod/mix
Kris Berry Marbles 2012 Wjs Com/Mus/Prod
Laurens Joensen   2011   Prod
Sun Prophets Stand Up Ep 2011   Prod/Eng/Mix
the Souldiers Fuel for Fire 2011 Coolhouse Records Prod/Mus
Gabriel Self   2012   Prod/Mus
Gerhardt Sprawlers 2012 V2 Mus/Eng
June Noa While the city is sleeping 2012 Waterland Music Mus
June Noa Not guilty 2013 Waterland Music Mus
Caro Emerald The Shocking Miss Emerald 2013 Grand Mono Mus
Jaime Rodriguez Band La loma de la Cruz 2013 Camina Records Mus
Lavalu Fighting Wildfires 2013 Mandibulate Records Mus/Com
Minyeshu Black ink 2013   Com/Mus/Prod
Miss Molly & Me Travelers 2013 V2 Mus
Scarlet Mae Scarlet Mae 2013 Coast to Coast Com/Mus/Prod
Sofie Winterson You eyes 2013   Eng
Cirque Valentin On pleasure island 2014 Dox Records Prod
The Tibbs Cleaned out 2014   Prod
The Tibbs Takin’ Over 2016 Record Kicks Prod/mix
Janne Schra & Robin Nolan trio   2014   eng/mix
the Gospel Sessions the Gospel Sessions vol.1 2015 Excelsior Recordings mus/Prod/com/eng/mix
Michelle David and the Gospel Sessions the Gospel Sessions vol.2 2016 Excelsior Recordings mus/Prod/com/eng/mix
Michelle David and the Gospel Sessions the Gospel Sessions vol.3 2018 Excelsior Recordings mus/Prod/com/eng/mix
Darlyn Fallowland 2015 independent Prod
Darlyn Stepping Stone 2016 independent Prod/mix
Blackbird Wicked Song 2017 independent Prod/mix/mus
Blackbird One of the wild ones EP 2018 independent Prod/mix/mus/com
Blackbird Moonshine motel 2018 independent Prod/mix/mus/com
Gumbo kings Gumbo kings EP 2018 independent Prod/mix
Bruut! V 2018 Dox Prod/mix
Marike Jager Hey are you ok 2019 morning coffee records Prod/mus

mus = musician prod = producer com = composer eng = engineer mix = mixer